Dr. P. Ramakrishna, throughout his spiritual life, for decades, travelled to many places and conducted spiritual intensives and delivered spiritual messages to awaken people to their true nature and true living.

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Dr. P. Ramakrishna

~ Founder

Dr. P. Ramakrishna is the founder of JnanaJyothi. He was born in 1944, in Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh one of the southern states of India. He is married and has 3 children. At his young age of 23, his father passed away in an untimely manner. Later he had gone through some critical moments in life. He was introduced to the Theosophical Literature and Teachings, which he found to be very inspiring and uplifting. He served as T.S.lecturer in 1970 and also as Treasurer to A.P. Telugu Federation. 


Dr. Ramakrishna delivers spiritual discourses and helps public by conducting spiritual intensives and retreats spreading the light of Jnana. Helping people to see the root cause of sorrow and how it is affecting their lives and how to reach the other shore of life where there is only Bliss and Peace but no sorrow. He is also blessed  by being a devine healer and gives healing for health problems. By counselling he set right stained relationships by bringing understanding.

He became an ardent seeker of truth and started his spiritual journey sincerely.

Dr. P. Ramakrishna has started a free Homeopathic clinic and served a large number of poor and needy people for several years. He experienced many profound mystical states and while experiencing these profound states, a serious enquiry started in him about what will be the ultimate truth and what is self-realisation. In 1993, he permanently shifted to Visakhapatnam on a spiritual mission. While he was continuing in the Theosophical Society as an Esoteric Society member he received guidance from a Himalayan Master “Kuthumi”, who is known also by the name as Devapi Maharshi in our scriptures. A great saint who is said to be still alive in Himalayas for over thousands of years.

he began to spend on this observation, on self-knowing by applying “Choiceless Awareness”.

It happened that he has a fortune in being able to listen to Sri J. Krishnamurthi’s public talk at “Vasantha Vihar”, The Krishnamurti Foundation India (KFI), Head Quarters in Chennai. Then he realized that liberation cannot be given by other and only by self-knowing and self-understanding one can gain freedom. Then he sincerely applied the core teaching of Sri J. Krishnamurti the “Choiceless Awareness”.

When he was alone, watching the ripples of a tank he experienced union with those ripples and water, and after that deep state of silence and bliss an energy forcibly entered into his whole being, shattering the whole body. But at that time, as he has no proper understanding of the Moksha sastras, he was unable to know where he landed and was still in search of God Realization, in a formful aspect! He was attracted to the Oneness movement and continued there for some years. But because of conflict he came out of this organisation.

Sri Sankara Bhagavadpada


Guided and inspired by his Master, Sri Sankara Bhagavadpada, Ph.d., Jyotishratan and founder of Tat-Tvam-Asi Trust, Dr. P. Ramakrishna’s spiritual unfoldment reached a mature state. Though, he knows the Master for more than 2 decades.  Yet at this moment his Guru’s teachings and guidance awakened Atmajnana in him.